Painting on the flight home

Last week on the way home from Paris I did something I would never have thought I would be able to do 5 years ago. I finished off a painting (copy) on my Macbook Pro using Painter 11.

It started the day before I left when I was inspired by a painting I saw in a museum by the French Artist Sinibaldi. That night at the apartment I started blocking in the painting... then the next day after watching Shutter Island at the start of the flight and a glass of Scotch for courage.. I pulled out the laptop and began to paint.... thankfully most of the passengers were sleeping at the time. 

I wanted to mess around using the sepia and ochre underpainting and building my colours up with opaques.

I painted it free hand with no tracing... and though it's not as expressive as the original... I'm still happy with it.